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Setting Up Neu Money’s Production Environment with Effective Security Posture

As credit dominated economy as US is, students still have limited to no access to credit in the market. Recognizing this, Neu Money has stepped in as a beacon of hope for students to meet their financial needs. They have revolutionized financial services in the USA by offering a unique credit card experience and building credit scores to become financially independent in the years to come. College students can confidently rely on Neu Money without fearing debt traps to make ends meet, whether it is their living expenses, tuition fees, or other miscellaneous expenses.

Executive Summary


Financial Services




Need to deploy secured infrastructure


Set up centralized management and improved infrastructure security



Timeline of engagement

1 Oct 2023

1 Nov 2023

Real-time updates

Ongoing Collaboration

Work Scoping Begins

Neu Money contacts Zarthi

About the Business

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennesse, Neu Money is a leading financial services provider that aims to empower college students in the USA to become economically and financially independent. They offer a fair and transparent credit card service to help students make on-time payments and build their credit scores without the burden of hidden costs or fees. With Neu Money, students can lay the foundation for a secure and brighter financial future.

However, finance and banking is one of the most highly regulated industries out there. So, Neu Money needed a robust and strategic infrastructure to deploy their user-friendly application. In this pursuit of the same, they sought collaboration with Zarthi for their technical support to continue delivering financial services to all the college students in the USA.

Problem Statements

Neu Money is committed to empowering students on their journey towards financial independence. However, there was a need to deploy and secure their application for the end users. This is when Zarthi stepped in to provide the necessary infrastructural support to set up and secure the entire production environment.

  • They needed a robust production application infrastructure setup that adheres to the AWS best practices for seamless and accessible deployment to the users.

  • Beyond deployment, they also sought advanced security services to enhance and optimize their infrastructure.

Services Involved

  • AWS Elastic Compute Cloud

  • OpenSearch Service  

  • RDS


  • AWS CloudWatch


  • AWS Security Hub

  • Managed Service for Prometheus

  • API Gateway

Resolution and Methodology

Neu Money collaborated with Zarthi to establish and secure their application deployment while adhering to AWS best practices. Our experts further assisted them in centralizing their network and ensured that every production setup was present in the private subnet. This not only ended the redundant public accessibility but also restricted the access to authorized users for the server infrastructure. Let’s explore in detail how Zarthi helped Neu Money build a resilient and well-governed AWS environment while addressing its security needs.

  • Team Zarthi implemented AWS Control Tower to help Neu Money establish and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment. We configured multiple accounts with the control tower setup to establish centralized control through a master account, facilitating a robust and resilient infrastructure.

  • With a focus on streamlining the deployment, we further merged their staging environment into the control tower implementation and ensured consistency across environments.

  • Our experts further took charge of centralizing their network communications and managed their whole network administration from a single account, simplifying their network administration.

  • We handled their SCP control policies from the master account for all child accounts present in the structure for better infrastructure governance.

  • To maintain robust security, Zarthi further conducted monthly security health checks by using AWS security hub recommendations.

  • As their billing partner for AWS, we also take pride in helping them reduce their overhead expenses and negotiate better discounts for a monthly consumption of $8,500.

  • Recently, we have proposed conducting a strategic WAR assessment and Cost Optimization Assessment to facilitate further cost savings and maintain a security posture.

Impact Delivered


CSP Discount


Identified Security Vulnerabilities


MSP Savings




Managed Environments




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