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A Tech Marketplace
with zero markup
and best of savings.

What is the Problem?

Tech procurement  is cluttered with middlemen and endless negotiations, leaving customers lost in the fog of high costs and opaque deals.


The customer sees only Partner pricing, not the channel pricing of Distributors and Providers. This lack of transparency creates distrust during negotiation and invoicing.


Lengthy negotiations between Provider-Distributor-Partner delay business decisions. Further, compliances prohibit any direct negotiation between Provider and Customer for expedited procurement.

High Costs

Scattered technology procurement from various Providers and Partners restricts any opportunity of collective volume negotiations and discounting for Customers.

Tax and Compliances

With many Providers selling from overseas, customers face the pains of cross-border payments, bank authorizations, audit compliances, TDS overages, and no input tax credit. 

Limited Reach

Not all Providers are present in all local markets, which limits customer reach to them. Hence, Customers are forced to buy online at public pricing, eliminating any room for negotiations and discounts.

Limited Awareness

Customers often struggle to make informed product decisions. This is because they are forced to rely on brand presence over reliable data due to the noise of the overcrowded ISV market. 

Why                                    ?

Zarthi Brokerage cuts through the hassle by simplifying negotiations and procurement with a fixed fee that drops as transaction volumes rise. We simplify buying and save you money.

Pre-Negotiated Discounts

Pre-Negotiated Discounts

We leverage our large customer base to negotiate discounts with Providers and pass them all to Customers.

Transparent Contracting & Invoicing

Transparent Contracting & Invoicing

In an industry-first, we allow Providers to directly share quotes with you and give you access to Provider console, billing data, and invoices.

Provider Competency Program Margins

Provider Competency Program Margins

Zarthi’s Delivery business has multiple provider competencies, which fetches discounts. We duly pass any such discounts directly to our Customers.

Private Pricing Contracts

Private Pricing Contracts

We get you extra discounts by negotiating private pricing contracts on your behalf while informing and educating you about best practices.

Local Currency Procurement

Local Currency Procurement

Procure in local currency and skip the hassle of TDS charges, audit compliances, and cross-border banking regulations.

Vast Provider


Vast Provider Catalog

Our marketplace gives you access to similar, if not better, alternatives while our Product Consulting helps you compare and evaluate options.

Faster Deal

Faster Deal Closures

Our fixed fee eliminates any Partner negotiations, saving you time. And you still get to avail the pre-negotiated discounts despite low initial volumes.

Provider Relationships

Provider Relationships

We ensure that our Customers can connect with otherwise inaccessible Providers for any commercial, support, or pricing conversations.

Our Providers around the World.

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Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

Take a sneak peek into the impact driven by Zarthi Brokerage.















Get Full Transparency
on Provider Deals with Zero Markup.


"Zarthi is just the partner we were looking for during our AWS EDP journey. Right from helping us navigate the terms and conditions of the EDP to advice on when to ink the deal, their transparent approach brought a lot of trust to our engagement.


I especially want to highlight their immense help in AWS cost saving and setting the payment terms with AWS, because that proved to be the ultimate gamechanger for us."

Ritessh R Agarwal

Head of Finance


"I want to specially mention & highlight the hard work and dedication of Zarthi Engineers for our SAP Infrastructure. The zeal they possess and the attitude towards the task they are in, is impressive.

I have seen them working day-in day-out to keep our systems in perfect shape...they are boon to any organization they work with!"

Vikas Bhatt
Deputy General Manager

Jubilant Foodworks

Jubilant Foodworks Logo

"It has been a great experience during incubation period. The Zarthi team has understood our requirements and suggested the changes needed to be done to optimize cost and performance.

I really liked the whole process and am looking forward to a long-term engagement with Zarthi.

Dushyant Bhatt
Chief Technology and Product Officer

The Hosteller


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Affinity's Cloud Cost Optimization


The Wire saved a Ton on Cloud Cost


Lowering The Hosteller's Cloud Expenses

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