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Zarthi Ensures Cloud Cost Optimization for Major Relationship Intelligence Platform

Empowering businesses through relationship-driven technolgy involves harnessing data and transforming it into actionable intelligence. Affinity has successfully utilized data optimization to close deals. However, to manage and extract insights from data requires a robust cloud infrastructure. Balancing efficinecy with cost-effectiveness posed a challenge and to seek a solution, Affinity partnered with Zarthi to streamline their cloud cost and optimize their infrastructure. Read more into how Zarthi helped Affinity reign in their cloud cost.

Executive Summary






High AWS RDS cost
No visibility into Cloud spending


12% reduction in AWS RDS cost.



Timeline of engagement



Real-time updates

Infrastructure Optimized

Work Scoping Begins

Request raised

SME Assigned


About the Business

San Francisco-based Affinity is a relationship intelligence platform that aims to transform traditional CRM. Affinity builds advanced infrastructure for syncing and understanding data. They leverage data from communication streams and third-party sources to provide enterprises with creative and intuitive solutions. Their vision is a world where anyone can cultivate and fully harness their network and they do by creating intuitive solutions with the help of data. Affinity’s relationship intelligence is automatically generated by AIdriven algorithms that analyse data and translates it into quantifiable relationship scores.

Problem Statements

Affinity was faced with daunting challenges of handling data and soaring costs of its AWS RDS bills, which seemed to inflate with each passing month. Affinity wanted to curb these ballooning costs and optimize resource utilization within its cloud ecosystem.

  • There was absence of cloud expertise.

  • Affinity was grappling with ballooning cloud environment expenses.

  • There was improper management of cloud environment which was exacerbating the situation.

  • There was a lack of cloud resources optimization.

  • Affinity also faced obstacles as there was inadequate visibility into cloud infrastructure.

  • Also, there was no reporting on cloud resources' usage.

Services Involved

  • AWS CloudFront

  • AWS EC2

  • AWS GuardDuty

  • AWS Redshift

  • AWS Route 53

  • AWS S3

  • AWS CloudWatch

  • Elastic Load Balancing

Resolution and Methodology

Affinity collaborated with Zarthi utilizing our expertise to achieve long-term cost savings

  • Zarthi experts initiated the process by thoroughly analysing Affinity’s entire cloud infrastructure. They examined their existing infrastructure and data setup, including the RDS instances that were running parallelly. The team also created a comprehensive report highlighting the areas where optimization is needed.

  • Zarthi’s team of experts examined Affinity’s RDS usage patterns by checking how databases were used. This also identified avenues for improvement allowing a targeted optimization strategy.

  • Our team also analysed Affinity’s past 3 months’ RDS usage data to look for cost-saving opportunities. With this analysis the team could recommend cost optimization adjustments that aligned with Affinity’s needs

  • Our team of experts adopted a long-term savings approach which involved strategic planning to optimize costs for a longer period. One of the key recommendations made by our team was to explore RDS Reserved Instances (RIs) which offered significant cost savings by committing to a specific capacity for a longer duration.

  • Our team provided a consolidated optimization report outlining actionable steps to achieve cost efficiency. The report also provided guidance for ongoing savings.

Impact Delivered


Reduction in

cloud cost


Visibility into cloud infrastructure


Recommendations for long-term savings

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