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Outsourcing Reimagined: Pay Only for Outcomes.

Catalyze your business growth with Zarthi Delivery. World's first outcome-only outsourcing with Pay-as-You-Go pricing.


This requires mulitple Practices (a.k.a Departments) to solve problems, forcing business to either outsource or insource each Practice. However, both these approaches have their own challenges!!


business models are broken

Time & Material Model:​

  • Vendor incentivized for delays

  • Outcomes not tagged to charges

  • Vendor mistakes inflate costs

Turnkey Model:

  • Inflexible contracts

  • Lengthy scoping period

  • Delayed outcomes

Indirect Pricing Model:

  • Outcome not guaranteed

  • No way to track ROI

  • Lack of vendor proactiveness


impedes business growth​


• Outsourcing Reimagined •

Drive business growth as we deliver outcomes in our unique Pay-As-You-Go fixed-price model across 25+ Practices. In an industry-first, our Practices combines the best of People, Process, and Technology to deliver Services with clearly defined:


Brief of the Service and the outcome it will drive for you


Various customizations available to configure the service outcomes as per your specific needs


Time-bound Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each Service


Fixed fee chargeable on successful service delivery


The final outcome you will get marking the successful delivery of a Service

Why                                      ?

We are completely reimagining outsourcing by fixing the major flaws in traditional business models. Zarthi Delivery offers a seamless Service delivery experience with several industry-first advantages and a unique Pay-As-You-Go pricing.


Certified Specialists

Our Specialists (“Sarthis”) undergo rigorous training and certification to become Practicing Specialists in any Service. So, you This ensures that you always get the experience of working with an in-house resource without ever having to worry about the overheads associated with in-house resources.

Parallel Scoping & Agile Delivery

We start working on the figured out milestones while overall scoping continues in the background. Unlike Turnkey model, this expedites delivery, rids you of the hassle of negotiating change requests, and ensures zero lock-in as you can switch vendors when you wish.

Parallel Scoping

& Agile Delivery


Specialist Affinity

Zarthi Delivery creates a pool of highly-qualified Specialists and makes the best possible effort to align the same Specialist wherever and whenever possible. So, you get the best of both worlds as you never worry about hiring and retention risks while working with the a pool of talented and familiar Specialists.



24x7x365 Availability

Not all businesses can afford or need all Practices to be 24x7x365. Our high volumes help us run a round-the-clock ship with high efficiencies. So, your work continues to be delivered in the background if needed while you are asleep or on a weekend away!

Pay on

Pay on Delivery

You only pay a fixed cost when you get a successful delivery, which helps you predict and control costs. Eliminating all the downsides of T&M model, Pay on Delivery also incentivizes quicker and high-quality deliveries.

Complimentary Concierge Services

Complimentary Concierge Services

Zarthi provides Concierge as a complimentary Service. Be it an incident, regular support issue, or massive project, our Concierge has you covered. Write a small summary of your Problem to our Concierge, and they will activate the entire Zarthi machinery to solve it while providing regular progress updates.

Best Tools & Technologies

Best Tools & Technologies

Each Specialist for each Service is equipped with best-in-class technology for quick and efficient Service delivery. The cost of these technologies are already amortized in your Service Delivery fees, avoiding the need for you to procure expensive licenses or work with subpar tools.