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Providing Streamlined Provisioning Service for Visibility Into Cloud Infrastructure

Taking a small step towards national self-sufficiency, Grasim initially launched as a textiles manufacturer and continued a remarkable journey of 75+ years by achieving global prominence in Viscose Staple Fiber (VSF) production. As the business expanded it was difficult to manage the cloud consumption and keep track of their infrastructure. Zarthi collaborated with Grasim to simplify their cumbersome cloud provisioning process and provide them with more visibility into cloud infrastructure.

Executive Summary


Textile Manufacturer


Noida, India


Lack of visibility into cloud infrastructure and cumbersome provisioning process of cloud service.


Complete visibility into cloud infrastructure and Proactive cloud optimization.


Timeline of engagement

6 Mar 2020

6 Apr 2020

Real-time updates

Ongoing Collaboration

Work Scoping Begins

Grasim contacts Zarthi


About the Business

Grasim Industries Limited was incorporated in 1947 as one of independent India's first textile manufacturers right after independence. Today, it is a leading global producer of Viscose Staple Fiber and the largest producer of Chlor-Alkali, Linen, and Insulators in India. This does not stop here; Grasim's subsidiary, UltraTech Cement, is India's largest cement producer, while another subsidiary, Aditya Birla Capital, is one of the country's top financial services companies. With over 24,000 employees, 230,000 shareholders, and a consolidated net revenue of $10.95 billion, Grasim is one of industrial India's strongest pillars and is still working to change the landscape of India.

Problem Statements

Grasim was evolving with each step they took, but there was one thing that stopped them from becoming unbeatable. It was their cloud infrastructure and their traditional way of handling tickets.

Services Involved

  • Azure VM

  • Azure Snapshot Disk

  • There was less visibility into cloud infrastructure Ballooning cloud environment costs.

  • The previous provider of Grasim had a very unorganised ticket resolution mechanism.

  • There was a lack of 24x7 support with the previous provider which created several problems in monitoring.

  • The ticket priority level of Gasim was defined by the previous provider therefore Grasim did not have the authority to make changes.

  • There was no reporting or governance mechanism provided to Grasim when the previous provider handled their account.

  • Absence of proactive Cloud optimization.

  • No security compliance steps were taken by the previous provider.

  • Grasim had no automated tool to handle tickets.

Resolution and Methodology

Grasim collaborated with Zarthi to streamline the provisioning of cloud infrastructure, cut down on wasteful and unplanned spending, and find competent and proactive solutions to leverage the high-performance and lower-cost potential of the public cloud.

  • Zarthi provided account, subscription, tag, and instance-level visibility from a single dashboard to Grasim.

  • Resource allocation and optimization solutions for minimizing unused or orphaned resources to reduce unplanned and wasted expenses.

  • Single dashboard to manage and govern cloud consumption daily.

  • Dedicated SPOC or TAM to directly work on and help with ongoing optimization.

  • Security and health products to ensure compliance with different standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, etc.

  • Support-as-a-Service to ensure tickets are raised as per priority and the response time was brought down to 15 mins.

  • Our Experts established an Automation module to reduce the number of tickets generated.

Impact Delivered


Infrastructure Compliance with ISO 27001 standards


Reduction in tickets via automation


Cost reduction via optimization solution


Tagging Achieved

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